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[DWAW]-Terry by DreamyHeart89 [DWAW]-Terry :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 6 0 Unhooded Evila by DreamyHeart89 Unhooded Evila :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 10 1 [PA]-Kagura folder icon by DreamyHeart89 [PA]-Kagura folder icon :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 1 0 [PKM]-Misty by DreamyHeart89 [PKM]-Misty :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 11 6 [PERSONAL OC]-Yumi by DreamyHeart89 [PERSONAL OC]-Yumi :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 11 13 [SC]-Amu Hinamori by DreamyHeart89 [SC]-Amu Hinamori :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 9 2 [PA]-Kizarov folder icon by DreamyHeart89 [PA]-Kizarov folder icon :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 1 0 Twilight Sparkle by DreamyHeart89 Twilight Sparkle :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 4 10 Nick[Z-Toon] by DreamyHeart89 Nick[Z-Toon] :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 20 2 [OC]-Acer by DreamyHeart89 [OC]-Acer :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 5 0 [OC]-Isaac by DreamyHeart89 [OC]-Isaac :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 5 0 Animal girl by DreamyHeart89 Animal girl :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 8 11 Chrystabel by DreamyHeart89 Chrystabel :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 7 4 Prince Charlie and his allergies by DreamyHeart89 Prince Charlie and his allergies :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 7 4 Sister Hell folder icon by DreamyHeart89 Sister Hell folder icon :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 1 0 Looking at the stars by DreamyHeart89 Looking at the stars :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 4 11



You don't know my new story(Devils With Angel Wings)yet,but it's the same story where Yumi(you can see her/him in my gallery)is.Basically,the story is about sinful angels who were sent away from Heaven because of their immoral acts;they are sent to a human town with demons(who are on the opposites very respectful and moral and were sent there to learn how to be immoral)to learn how to be moral.Terry loves to drink "tea",but the tea he refers to is actually alchol/wine,that means that he is an alcholist/drunk
DWAW,Terry and art: :icondreamyheart89:
Unhooded Evila
Evila from Feels of the Royals in unhooded version :)
Art character and story by :icondreamyheart89:
[PA]-Kagura folder icon
I only own the folder icon.This is Kagura from Prism Ark,even if I don't like her at the moment,I needed her folder icon,so here it is ^^
Not my favourite girl from the anime...kinda annoying in my opinion :/ My fav's Dawn ^w^ 
I only own the art
This is Yumi,a young angel,and I decided to make her my personal OC,so you'll see her a lot of times :) (And...mayyyybe,you'll find out her secret)
I was tagged by my bae :iconthemysticalpancake:
My OTP is made up of my OCS,Chrystabel and Prince Zuny
1. Who laughs when the other falls over before helping them up?
Oh well,before aswering this,I'm gonna tell that Zuny ALWAYS falls down,since his legs were bad sewed(the result is that he always looks drunk)and,always because of this,when he falls he literally breaks up into...infinity pieces.And...well after that Chrystabel always laugh a bit...but only for a second,then she rushes to help the Prince sew first  his arms back,then he himself sews his head and his legs back.Even if Zuny's sick of this s**t(who wouldn't?),he likes to make Chrystabel laugh because of his clumsiness(I don't think I wrote it ok,but you got it...did you?).Anyway,I really think he should blame his father for this,after all,he's the one who created him u-u
2. Who is scared to tell everyone they’re dating?
Always Prince Zuny...for obvious reasons.I mean...he's dating to a HUMAN.And,anyway,we all know that monsters can't keep a secret at all(except Zuny,'cause he's afraid of everything...*and he's the prince of a kingdom of monsters...?*) ;would you imagine everyone in Frightland telling that the Prince is dating to a human?And above all Zuny's father!He would never support their friendship,even if he's a human himself
3. Which one sleeps till noon, and who gets up at the crack of dawn?
Oh well,the 2 baes don't sleep together(obviously),but...for obviuous reasons Prince Zuny's a night owl,while Chrystabel's not.After all,she comes from the country,so she always had to get up soon and help her parents with their animals
4. Who snores, and who tells the other to shut up?
Oh well,Zuny's doesn't have a breathing system,since he's a dolly,so he can't snore,while Chrystabel's a lady,she would never snore!...would she?However,it happens sometimes that Zuny calls for his mom at night(Prince Zuny's mom is a human,like his father,but she lives in the human world and Zuny kinda misses her)and Chrystabel sometimes hears him in the other room
5. Fuck or make love? 
...Oh,please,don't make think how it is to do that with a rag doll,my mind would blow up!Anyway,again,they're just some kind of friends after all,the best they can do is to kiss cheeks.And anyway,they're really young!(Even if he doesn't have an age,Zuny's around 12,while Chrystabel's 15)
6. Who goes overboard when taking care of the other?
Chrystabel.She loves to take care of Zuny,she would anything for him...Also because...Zuny's a crybaby,so she always protects him
7. Which one makes a playlist for the other, and who cries when receiving the playlist?
They don't listen to music.Zuny only has a group of monsters that play the violin under his castle.However,when alone,he always sings something about his feelings,mostly of his no ability of telling Chrystabel he's in love with her,and this group of violinist monsters play music for him.They could be a great band,I guess!
8. Who points to everything and says ‘that’s you’?
Oh well,none of them,I have to say
9. Who wakes up on top of the other?
Chrystabel always gets up first,but she doesn't sleep together with Zuny,so she can't wake him up
10. Fancy dates or lazy at home dates?
Lazy home dates
:iconsoda-and-skateboards: with her OTP,since she wanted to do that
And everyone who wants to do that(Unfortunately I don't know my watcher's OTPs and some of them already did this meme,so forgive me ;-;)


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